Pink Socks and Dust Bunnies

The florescent lights in my laundry room died several weeks ago. After unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem, my husband declared that it would take the work of our friend, a skilled electrician, to repair it. Days turned into weeks as my hubby forgot to call to set up the appointment. So here I am, enjoying the wonder of doing weeks of laundry in the dark. But you know something? It wasn’t too bad. I got used to it. Even comfortable, believe it or not…although many of our socks turned pink, but I digress.

I even got to the point where I enjoyed that shroud of darkness. It kept me from being annoyed by the constant messes left by my children. I couldn’t see the disaster left behind by my sloppy dogs as they ate and drank from their bowls. It was actually kind of pleasant. Granted, I couldn’t see a thing but I really didn’t know what I was missing in some ways.

A couple of days ago, the electrician came and repaired the lights. When he flipped the switch, my jaw dropped open. The filth that had accumulated in that short time was unbelievable. Dust bunnies, stray socks, spills from who-knows-where, smudges, mud from discarded shoes…I was horrified. I was finally able to clearly see and in doing so, wasted no time grabbing a mop, a bottle of ammonia and prepared to battle my enemy…filth.

grossed out

But isn’t that what happens to so many of us? We stuff down our wounds, our issues, our problems, our worries, our feelings and lock them away in the dark places of our heart where they can’t hurt us…or so we think. We even get comfortable pretending everything is clean and together. We move along thinking if we’ve hidden it, it doesn’t exist. But refusing to acknowledge reality doesn’t change reality.

It isn’t until we allow God’s light to shine on those hidden secrets and shames that true healing…or cleaning can take place. We have to be brave enough to expose them, to face them unflinching and determined. The difference it will make in your life will be transformational.

And you know what? After weeks of working in the dark, I leave the light on in the laundry room around the clock. I enjoy it. I can’t even imagine what I found comforting in the darkness to begin with. And I sure don’t want that filth to creep back in.

Now, what to do about these pink socks…


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