There’s No Pit So Deep…

Sometimes we’re so busy living in shame, beating ourselves up for our past, that we neglect to remember what God forgives.

Can Jesus forgive you if you’ve had an abortion? Absolutely.
Can Jesus forgive you if you’ve dabbled in drugs and alcohol and are now battling addiction? Without a doubt.
Can Jesus forgive you if you’ve had an affair? Of course.
Can Jesus forgive you if you’ve delved into the dark world of pornography and contaminated your mind? Yep.
Can Jesus forgive the backslidden, the judgmental, the prostitute, the lukewarm Christian, the legalist or the abuser? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

He can and He has.

Satan is the great accuser. Not only does he go to God and accuse us, he accuses God. He hisses, “God couldn’t possibly love you now. Look what you’ve done.” “You don’t deserve to be happy.” “Your mistakes are too great. There’s no going back now.”

Wrong. Satan is a liar. Don’t believe him. Don’t even listen to him. Jesus already took the sin of every wrong thing you’ve ever done and ever will do and nailed it to His cross. It’s finished. Paid. Done. Believing the enemy’s lies that God couldn’t forgive you is like saying that Jesus’ blood isn’t strong enough to wash you clean. God knew we would mess up. That’s why He sent a Savior.

For the contaminated, He washes away the grime until we’re whiter than snow.
For the broken, He binds up our wounds.
For the empty, He fills us.
For the hurting, He soothes.
For the tattered heart, He sews it back with threads of grace.
For the rejected, He embraces us.
For the fallen, He lifts us back to our feet.
For the depressed, He gives hope.
For the unwanted, He adopts.
For the weary, He gives rest.
For the unlovable, He says, “I love you.”

“There is no pit so deep, God’s love is not deeper still.” ~Betsy Ten Boom

Be blessed, my friend.


2 thoughts on “There’s No Pit So Deep…

  1. Wow, wow, wow. I can’t thank you enough. I really needed to read this. This is so beautiful and I am saving it. It was so profound and so simple. I am grateful for your writing and I will pray for you today! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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