A Special Father’s Day gift from me to you!

daddy and me

I love my Daddy. He’s my hero and has taught me so much about what it means to have courage, patience and a heart that beats for Jesus. He’s a caring pastor, husband, father, son, friend and Papa. When he smiles, with his blue eyes twinkling, I catch glimpses of my Heavenly Father. It’s easy to grasp God’s love for me because it was so beautifully modeled by my own Dad.
daddy 2

Some of you may have a broken relationship with your earthly father. Some of you may not have been hoisted on his strong shoulders or been treated with tender affection. Some of you may still bear the scars of abuse and a child-like innocence that was lost far too young.

Whatever your story, whatever your pain, please know God is there. He loves you. He’s holding His arms open wide for you, ready to give you all the tender hugs, protection and love your bruised heart has always longed for. And for those of us who had the joy of an amazing earthly father, thank God for him. Such men are a priceless treasure.

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” ~Psalm 27:10

papa and the girls

And if you need a giggle, check out my special gift to you for Father’s Day below…my tune “Daddy’s Hair”.

Be blessed, my friend.


2 thoughts on “A Special Father’s Day gift from me to you!

  1. Thank you for the song, Daddy’s Hair. I love it especially since I personally know your daddy. He’s still special, hair or no hair.


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