Some final thoughts from the lovely Linda Tracy Miller!

Please welcome back my friend Linda Tracy Miller for the third part of her guest spots on this blog. Her thoughts are always beautiful spun and a refreshing touch of grace for the day. 

linda miller

As long as we are alive, we are never too old to experience growing pains. Life is all about constant adjustments, coping with unexpected situations, gain and loss. Between May of 1999 and October of 2000 I lost my husband, my mother, 2 aunts, 2 cousins, and uncle and a mother-in-law…as well as a number of close friends. Needless to say, God used that time to teach me many lessons I had hoped never to have to learn. Writing down my thoughts helped me to stay sane, even when the world felt too heavy to carry, too lonely to travel. When I lost my oldest son in 2006, He gave me words that would sustain me. I cannot imagine how anyone can travel this life without His Love and Guidance.


One foot in front of the other,
Just one step at a time.
Going through the motions,
Overflowing emotions,
Learning to stop on a dime.

Calendar changes
As life rearranges itself
In new patterns, strange.
Breathing out,
Breathing in,
Watching the seasons change.

Looking for focus
As responsibility pokes us
In the eye, in the face, in the heart.
Knowing our options
Are larger, yet smaller.
Not knowing quite where to start.

Life goes on, even when we do not,
So what else have we left to do,
But trust in God
And live each day
In the best way we can
Until our time here is through?

Linda Tracy Miller
LLTM © 4-12-2000

Feel free to contact Linda anytime via her email:


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