The Obscure Thanksgiving List: Banana Pudding, Spanx and Tweezers…Oh my!

attitude of gratitude board

This is my girls’ attitude of gratitude board. Every month we have a new theme and each day they put a new sticky note on the board. November’s theme is, you guessed it, thankfulness.

Their first sticky notes were broad things, like their gratitude for God, family and friends. Lately though, they are starting to get a little more specific…hair, turkey, movies. My two-year old said, “Buzz.” (As in Buzz Lightyear.)

Several days ago, I polled my Facebook friends, asking them what they were thankful for. (If you aren’t part of our Facebook group, hop on over! Most gave the expected answers: family, children, grandchildren, their salvation through Jesus Christ and the like. Beautiful and blessed things for certain.

little thingsToday, I switched things up and asked them to list the most obscure, funny or seemingly small things they give thanks for. The list made me smile. Here’s a sample of their responses…

“My memory.”

“The camera on my phone.”

“My curly hair that requires no fixing.”

“Banana pudding.”

“Fried tators.”

One anonymous friend told me she was extremely grateful for the ‘end call’ button on her phone. We all have those days….

“My Dustbuster hand vac thingy…and Cinnabon coffee creamer!”

“Chocolate and toilet paper.” (This particular set was mentioned many times.) low fuel light

“The low fuel light in my car.”

“Good cat litter.”

“Running water.”

“Doughnuts and spanx…in that order!” (Preach it, sista.) Donuts

“The ability to bend my knee.”



“The older I get—tweezers.”

“The ability to get up and work.”

I’m just scratching the surface with their responses. I love this list of seemingly ‘small’ things. Those little things really are BIG things—things that tell us our Father sees us, knows us and He doesn’t just give us sprinkles of grace. No, He lavishes us with it, letting His children wallow around in His goodness. Aren’t you glad?

If you’re having trouble feeling grateful today, grab a pen and a piece of paper and scribble down an obscure Thanksgiving list. It has a way of changing your perspective. (And, consequently, allows some giggles to bubble up in the process.) giggles

Today, I want to hear from you. What ‘small’ or obscure things are you thankful for? Count your blessings, name them one by one…

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