angel space

Past stars and galaxies, the glittering lights of mysteries beyond I flew.

I was not alone.

No, an entire heavenly congregation soared with me.

We danced past shimmering hosts and luminescent wonders, winging and dancing, spiraling and speeding past the diamonds of the Holy One’s masterpiece until we pushed past the transparent glass of the blue marbled planet’s firmament.

I breathed in the frigid air, peering through the night sky, to look down on this strange place…the King’s new home.




Such a startling contrast from the glory of whence He had come. Indeed, the raw starkness of it swirled through me. He had chosen this?

There. On the far hill. Perched upon the grassy, sloping land beyond the city of David our audience awaited. Bleating sheep, the soft chatter of their keepers…all of it proof they were unaware of the great miracle bestowed on them this holy night.


I breathed out the message burning in my chest and I saw their fear. Their terror.

My heart twisted within me for they did not understand.

So deceived by their eyes were these humans, blinded by what they see. Did they not understand the pulsing excitement this joyful decree would bring? Could they not hear? I could feel the depth of their trembling. I beheld their quivering limbs.

“Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be for all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

They fell to their knees, blinked and stared, their faces slack as we proclaimed the fulfillment of the long-awaited promise, our voices blending, calling. Beckoning. Rolling in wave after golden wave until the simple hills were echoing back the message.

Did they understand? If they only knew Who had come, their joy would far surpass our own.

Away we flew, intent to grasp one glimpse of the King in his new surroundings. Gliding over sky and shadow, we found the humble abode. Peeking in, I blinked.

The hands that scooped out the oceans, the One who trailed his fingers through rock and earth, forging rivers and streams were now the pudgy fingers clinging to a woman’s gentle touch. angel baby fingers

The Voice of rushing waters who held all of Heaven in rapture was cooing, His voice compressed into the tiniest of mews. His fiery eyes were now subdued…dark. Blinking, absorbing the faces and images before Him.

How strange to see the Prince of Peace in such a way.

Did these humble beings understand this Child would grow to be their Redeemer? Surely not, for He was cradled in a crude trough. Did they not understand the magnitude of the plan unfurling before their very eyes? They must not or the whole earth would shake from the joy of their shouts. He slipped into their world quietly, unnoticed by most. Unwanted by some.

Yet He came anyway.

Despite the wonders I have beheld in the Holy One’s heaven, I marvel that nothing can compare to the love the King bestows on these broken, wretched people. How great His compassion, for He Himself came down to redeem them.

What a marvelous thing to be one of these humans…to be so loved.

As I soared back into the heavens, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Did they sense the Peace that had descended into their midst? Could they feel tremors of Love shaking the rocky ground of their world? For truly, the King of Kings was among them.

Indeed, these people are blessed. So broken, so needy and yet, so loved.

“Even angels long to look into these things…” ~1 Peter 1:12

angel he came for you


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