Meet Tara

Life was a stage and Tara Johnson had the lead role. Her act? Playing a cheerful servant to a growing burden of expectations from others. A preacher’s daughter, she learned to take on responsibilities in order to keep everyone else happy. Exhaustion, fear, resentment, and ultimately a diagnosis of depression were the result. “I kept saying yes with my mouth but my heart was in complete turmoil,” says Johnson. “I wanted to please everyone at the expense of my own desires, and it was making me miserable. I needed to learn how to honor who God created me to be.”


Eventually, Tara began the hard work of examining her true inward motivations. Her honest journey became a crucible for the motivating music ministry she shares today. That foundation, an inspirational musical style and a contagious personality combine to present a vulnerable telling of the Tara Johnson story.

Her musical adventure began with piano at age six and has grown to include a degree from the University of Arkansas and acclaim for her songwriting skills. Her candor with an audience and wry sense of humor makes everyone feel like Tara’s best friend. An entertaining presentation is supported with a message of hope and freedom to those weary from playing a role instead of living authentically.



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